Pool Washing Ideas

pool cleaning

Backwashing a pool means that a pool owner cleans out the pools filter pump by blasting a high-pressure stream of dirty water through a release valve. During this process, the filter gets rid of all the water that is very bad and brings back the good water to its natural state.

Curing the water when it gets to this stage requires a lot of effort and time. If the bottom of the pool cannot be seen and it looks like a dark oasis, then a pool owner needs to drain the pool and fill it back up again. Acid washing is a deep cleaning procedure that only needs to be used in the most serious of cases where poorly kept water stains the surface of the plaster. This procedure removes a very thin layer of plaster to help bring back the original color. Some people hire a pool tile cleaner Gilbert Az every couple of years as part of the general pool maintenance to make sure the pool surface remains bright and clear.

It is not a good idea to do this more often than every couple of years or so due to the fact that it does remove a layer of plaster every time it is done. Also, since acid is a dangerous substance, it is recommended that only a pool professional does this task. If a person owns a vinyl-lined pool, they do not have to acid wash their pool since it has a smooth surface. They should use a special cleaning agent instead. Also, when cleaning a vinyl liner pool, it is recommended that the pool not be emptied all the way since this can cause the liner to bubble or pop out, which will cause it to have to be vacuum pulled while filling it up with water. When problems arise in a pool, there are methods of troubleshooting them as well.

clean pool tilesWhen a person owns a pool, problems like algae, cloudy water, scale buildup, and surface stains can happen. When it comes to algae, no matter whether it is green, black, or mustard colored, algae can make a pool look unpleasant and uninviting. Low sanitizer, improper water balance, and poor water circulation are typically to blame for algae growth in a pool. To get rid of algae in a pool, it needs to brushed away, the water’s chemical balance needs to be tested, and algaecide needs to be added to the pool when needed. Even though hazy or murky water is not dangerous, cloudy pool water will not make a pool inviting to people. The cause of cloudy water is usually poor circulation and filtration. Poor water balance could also be the cause of cloudy water, therefore the levels needed to be tested regularly and chemicals added when needed. Scale buildup is another problem that can make pools look bad. If there is a grayish or tan buildup on the surface that is difficult to brush away, the cause of this is scale buildup. The cause of this is usually improper water balance, specifically high total alkalinity and/or calcium hardness. Surface stains are typically black, green, turquoise, or brown spots on a floor that will not brush up. They can be metal stains, tannic acid, or even fungus and mold beneath the liner of the pool. If shocking the pool does not fix the problem, then the pool owner needs to contact a professional pool maintenance and repair company to drain the pool and give the surface a complete cleaning.

These ideas and tips are a good way to cleaning and maintaining a pool. They will keep a pool operational and in good condition for many years. After a person or family decides to take a plunge and get a pool, they should take the plunge into using these pool cleaning and maintenance tips to ensure that they can plunge into their pool for a lot of years to come.

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